Welcome to the SAFE program. We hope the information provided
will help assist you and your clients.

SAFE Family Programs were established to provide a safe and stress-free environment for child/parent visits when allegations have been made (or it has been determined) that an unsupervised setting would place children or parties at risk of physical or emotional harm.
Why the SAFE Program?

  • Supervision and Monitoring by neutral, trained staff
  • Consistent enforcement of rules
  • Affirmation to the children they are not alone, normalizing situation as much as possible
  • Child-friendly environment – families play games, participate in indoor or outdoor activities. They often draw with sidewalk chalk, do homework, watch video’s, fly kites, etc. Occasionally groups plan cook outs, water day with water slides, water balloons, or water guns, etc.
  • No contact allowed between parents
  • Visits available if child is in CPS care

Registration process:

Please call (832) 297-0013 for an appointment.

  • Both parties MUST complete registration process before services begin.
  • Fees discussed during intake process.
Information Required:

  1. Driver’s License or Identification Card with photo
  2. Photo of Child(ren)
  3. Automobile Information, make model, year and license plate
  4. Court Order, if available (SAFE accepts families with mutual agreement to participate)
  5. Medical insurance information